ALKA, Amerikos Lietuvių Kultūros Archyvas,

American Lithuanian Cultural



37 Mary Crest Drive

Putnam CT 06260


Description: Includes a library, archive, and museum. Has 80 sets of shelves containing 60,000 books;

220 named personal and organizational archives; the collection includes many valuable older books;

special collections include the; archival material of the Head Office and the European Branch of the

United Lithuanian Relief Fund of America; FreeThinkers Library and Archives from Brockton,

MA; Archives of Ateitininkai from refugee camps in Germany; four large steel cabinets containing

Lithuanian music sheets and monographs on Lithuanian music; one steel cabinet containing several

thousand programs and descriptive materials of concerts, meetings, conferences, and related materials;



one steel cabinet full of prayer books, kantickos” and other devotional publications, mostly with imprints

from the 19th century; also includes recent Lithuanian magazines and newspapers as well as printed

materials in other languages about Lithuania and its people. There are over 200 named organizational and

individual archival collections which include:

#3 Amerikos Lietuvių Taryba (ALT) - American Lithuanian Council (org)a

#10 Ateitininkai -Lithuanian Catholic Youth Organization (org)

#14 Bačkis, Stasys (diplomat) (ind.) - Lithuanian Legation

#17 Baltakis, Paulius (Bishop) (ind.)

#29 Cukuras, V. (Priest) (ind.)

#36 D. P. Stovyklos Vokietijoje - Displaced Persons Camp in Germany (org.)

#56 Yla, Stasys (Priest) (ind.)

#61 JAV LB KrastoValdyba - Lithuanian-American Executive Comittee (org.)

#63 Juras, Pranciškus (Prelate - who established ALKA) (ind.)

#69 Katalikų Federacija ir Šalpos Fondas - Catholic Federation and Charity Foundation (org.)

#104 Lietuvių Mokyklos Vokietijoje - Lithuanian schools in Germany (org.)

#108 Lietuvos Katalikų Šalpa - Lithuanian Catholic Charities (org.)

#112 Lietuvių Katalikų Mokslo Akademija - Lithuanian Catholic Science Academy (org.)

#122 Lietuvių Informacijos Centras - Lithuanian Information Center Archyve (org)

# 131 Mazalaitė, Nelė (poet) (ind.)

#183. Susivienijimas Lietuvių Amerikoje – Union of Lithuanian Americans Archyve(org.)

#208. Vileišis, Petras (diplomat) (ind.)

#211. Vizgirda, Viktoras (artist) (ind.)

#213. VLIK’o Fondas – (org.) – Supreme Lithuanian Liberation Committee Archyve


aOrg refers to an organizational archive while “ind”refers to an individual archive.

The museum houses a large collection of art, flags, amber, medals, other artifacts, paintings, and folkart,

including three very large paintings and other items from the Lithuanian 1939 Word Exhibition in NEW



Percentage of titles in Lithuanian: 80%

Rare or unique titles: See: Kantautas below.

Date established: 1922



Days and hours accessible: By appointment.

Reference service provided? Yes

Loan service available? No


J. Rygelis

860 928 5197


Notes: The library is part of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Sciences (Lietuvių Katalikų Mokslo

Akademija. A history of the library is available in Eretas, J. Valančiaus šviesa už marių. Roma: Lietuviu

Katalikų Mokslo Akademija. 1980. Chapter 6, 141-161. See also: Kriauciunas, K., & V. Paplauskienė.

ALKA Amerikos lietuvių kultūros archyvas. Kaunas: Naujasis Lankas. 2004. ISBN 9955-03-2049.

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(Winter 1974), 20-31. Laucka, I. T. The Monsignor and His

Archives. Lituanus. 28:4 (Winter 1982), 48-52. Kriaučiunas, K.

ALKA Peserves Material of Lithuanian Culture. Lituanus. 32:1 (Spring 1986), 67-74.